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Delta-Simons is now Lucion

Delta-Simons was established to facilitate sustainable development through multi-disciplinary environmental and health and safety consultancy advice. Now part of Lucion’s group of companies, Delta-Simons has been renamed to Lucion Delta-Simons Ltd.

Becoming part of Lucion means clients now have access to a much broader range of services to support them through every stage of their asset lifecycle. This provides access to a wider range of experts, helping clients navigate through complex regulatory frameworks, saving time and money.

Clients come from multiple sectors including industrial, commercial & residential development, retail, manufacturing, fund managers, institutional investors, hi-tech companies, the public sector and charitable organisations.

For the past 30 years, the Lucion Delta Simons Ltd team has provided a holistic suite of commercially astute environmental services and advice, designed to mitigate risk to both people and the environment, whilst removing the pain from planning or maintaining buildings and/or assets. Now as part of Lucion, this great work continues alongside a broader range of services including Hazardous Materials services, Surveying and Geospatial and Radiation protection.

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