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Ensuring the safety of people from hazardous environments or protecting the environment from the impact of people is always of paramount importance for any business responsible for managing assets.

Lucion was established in 2002 with the aim of becoming the UK’s leading provider of accredited hazardous material testing, surveying, and consultancy services. Since then, we have grown beyond all recognition, but we have never lost sight of our purpose, to protect people and planet.

Your partner at every stage of your asset lifecycle

Our comprehensive range of services is designed to support you at every stage of your asset lifecycle, no matter where you operate. From hazardous material inspection and ground assessment to environmental advisory services, we provide the insights and solutions you need to make informed decisions and mitigate risks across your global portfolio.

You can benefit from our multidisciplinary approach, which brings together a diverse team of experts to deliver tailored solutions that meet your specific requirements. Whether you need asbestos management, geospatial and land surveying expertise, radiation protection, or geotechnical services, our specialists are here to support you every step of the way, both locally and internationally.

Value driven company

Our values help shape our culture and define what it means to work for or with Lucion. They help us make decisions that help us grow the company, provide better employee experiences and improve the service we provide to clients.

Having achieved rapid and sustained growth, Lucion has now delivered over 100,000 contracts, many of which are with some of the biggest businesses in the world. This gives us a breadth and depth of experience across several sectors covering a myriad of project types.

2002 company was established

100,000+ contracts delivered

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Our Values

About us

Lucion’s vision is to protect people and planet. To achieve our vision, we live by five key values, which are there to ensure everyone in our community enjoys playing their part.

Dedicated to protecting people and planet

Our purpose is to protect people and the planet. This is what drives us to do more and to do better.

Our extensive range of environmental and sustainability services sit at the core of what we do. Through our environmental consultancy services, we support sustainable development and help clients maintain compliance with environmental regulations, protecting both people and the planet.

Using technology for better client experiences

Our in-house developed platform, NexGen is revolutionising how clients access and utilise their data. Providing real-time data, photographs and reports, clients can streamline and enhance risk management practices. QR codes on fireboxes provide contractors instant access to surveys complete with 3D modelling.

By partnering with Lucion, you can navigate the complexities of asset management with confidence and contribute to a safer, more sustainable world. Let us help you shed light on the challenges you face and take action to create positive change, both locally and globally.

Let us help you shed light on the challenges you face and take action to create positive change, both locally and globally.

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