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Raisby Quarry Stockpile and Royalty Surveys


We have worked at quarries all over the country for many years, providing extraction quantities, stockpile surveys, overburden check surveys, and setting out.

As quarries tend to have a very long lifespan, on the quarries we do work with, we work to build lasting relationships. Unlike some surveys that are only one-off projects, operational quarries need to be surveyed frequently to ascertain mineral volumes to pay royalties to landowners.

We have worked with Raisby Quarry for almost 20 years through different owners, and we recently returned to carry out our regular 6 month survey. Located in Coxhoe, Durham and operated by Breedon, we worked alongside Wardell Armstrong, an environmental and engineering consultancy on this survey. Raisby Quarry is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and has been designated as of national importance in the Geological Conservation Review.

We provide both stockpile volumes and quarry mineral volumes which has been used to calculate the royalties owed to landowners. Royalties are calculated based on the amount that has been extracted. As this amount will vary from survey period to survey period, it is important to be accurate so that the landowners are paid what they are owed without contention.

After the survey was complete Wardell Armstrong verified the volume and between us came to an agreement on volumes and tonnages. Payments were successfully made to the landowners after being signed off by us, Breedon, and Wardell Armstrong.

Eric Hinds, managing director said of the Raisby Quarry survey, “We have been carrying out royalty surveys at Raisby Quarry for nearly 20 years, firstly for Tarmac, then Hope Construction, now Breedon and we hope to continue our work with them.”

Landform Surveys has been providing quarry and mineral surveys for over two decades with members of staff having experience in natural resources and mine surveying. We survey quarries both locally and nationally, providing extraction quantities, stockpile surveys, overburden check surveys, and setting out.

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