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Radiological Land Survey at Ravenscraig


Aberdeen Radiation Protection Services provides a full radiation protection service to a wide range of sectors including research institutes, technical service companies, medical facilities, and oil and gas operators. ARPS operates with seven fully qualified Radiation Protection Advisers (RPAs) and three trainee RPAs. Five of our RPAs are qualified Radioactive Waste Advisers (RWAs) and one is a Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser (DGSA).

ARPS was contacted by our client to conduct a radiological “walkover” survey of a 20-hectare site to assess contamination levels.

The project was led by ARPS Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA)  Rory Jamieson, with onsite help from Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) Chris Brennan.


The complex nature of the terrain presented a number of challenges for the ARPS team. The land comprised areas of dense woodland, overgrown vegetation, excavated soft ground and roads comprising concrete or tarmac as well as construction access roads made up of compacted soil. There were also some steep gradients with unstable ground adjacent to sheer drops. Walking conditions on the site were mixed but the team managed to access most areas, using a GT-40 survey meter to detect gamma radiation. Background radiation levels in the general vicinity also had to be considered when calculating the overall outcome of the survey.

The Solution

ARPS personnel collected and interpreted various data from the site, and were able to conclude that the levels of radioactivity encountered were out of the scope of the Environmental Authorisations (Scotland) Regulations, i.e. the material would not be considered radioactive under Scottish environmental legislation. The work was completed within the agreed timeframe and to the satisfaction of the client.

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