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Hazardous Materials Surveying for Sewell Construction


Following an initial site visit with our longstanding construction and facilities management client, Sewell Construction Ltd, our team delivered a suite of hazardous materials surveys, testing and consultancy to aid in the refurbishment and development of offices and leisure spaces on 5 Victorian, derelict Mills.


The aim of the project was to identify lead paints, ensure safety for construction workers, removal/abatement of lead paint, ensure and demonstrate compliance, promptly.

To aid our client in their goal progression, our team was tasked to get the client’s sites surveyed and their hazards identified and managed within a 13 month period.

This was particularly challenging as the 5 sites included derelict buildings with some areas difficult to access, which added additional challenges and strain on the project timeline. Additionally, previous paint testing was incomplete and historical information was poor, so we supported the client with advice around regulatory requirements needed to ensure compliance.

The Solution

To ensure the contact was delivered successfully and on-time, our team were responsive to changing issues and priorities, and developed the range of services developed as the contract progressed. we delivered bespoke solutions, developing a whole-cycle lead in paint support from identification to removal and management plan. Our team delivered;

Lead in Paint Testing and Surveying

  • Lead paint surveying using XRF throughout the 5 buildings;
  • Preparation of individual survey reports per building;
  • Consultancy and advice on best available techniques and reasonably practicable solutions

Lead Paint Abatement or Removal

  • Review of contractors’ RAMS and feedback / reporting
  • Delivery of on-site training and instruction to lead workers
  • Site audits during work with lead paints and feedback / reportingVisual inspections following completion of work

Air Monitoring

  • Lead in air compliance monitoring during work with lead paints
  • Provision of air test results summaries during the course of work
  • Preparation of a Project Completion Pack

Management of Lead Paints

  • XRF testing of remaining paints following abatement/removal work, update the Lead registers.
  • Preparation of consolidated Lead in buildings reports for communication to fit-out contractors and building owner
  • Production of Lead Management Plans for each building

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