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Hazardous Materials Inventory for DFDS


Following a competitive tender process in 2019, Lucion Services was appointed to undertake Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) surveys for 47 ships in the fleet. This requirement relates to the EU Regulation MEPC 269(68), which requires all ships visiting EU Ports, or those with an EU Flag, to have an approved IHM by December 2020.

Ensuring compliance with classification requirements we work closely with the major classification societies and are approved by Lloyd’s Register, American Bureau Of Shipping, and Bureau Veritas for external quality assurance. Our team also provides the client with hazardous material management consultancy services and water safety plans.


Delivering IHM surveys to EU Ship Recycling Regulations requires significant preparation work, including obtaining and reviewing documents to create a Visual Sampling Check Plan (VSCP) prior to conducting the on-board survey.

A large amount of data, images and documentation are required to be compiled into one report with all the visual and sampling findings. Reports must also comply with classification requirements.

The vessels also operate to tight schedules in numerous ports around Europe & Turkey, where extensive travel may be required to join and sail with a vessel in order to complete the survey in a timely manner, without any disruption to the vessels’ operations or crews.

The Solution

With thorough planning and liaison with the client’s compliance teams we are able to collate all records and complete the Visual Sampling Check Plan (VSCP) ahead of the on-board survey, then programme boarding the vessel to undertake the survey at a selected port in-line with the vessel’s schedule in order complete the surveys effectively and efficiently.

Our Lead Consultants have allocated eight specialist marine surveyors (with DNV-GL HazMat training) to undertake the surveys, visiting ports across Europe and Turkey to meet the 7-month survey programme timescale.

By using the Lucion’s NexGen application, our surveyors are also able to capture all the required information accurately whilst onboard the vessel and then synchronise with NexGen Cloud servers when completed for generating the IHM report.

Assistance is coordinated with vessel superintendents where required to minimise disruption whilst ensuring the survey is in-depth and to classification requirements.

This contract exemplifies our ability to coordinate the delivery of desktop and on-board surveys at multiple locations across Europe and Turkey in a well planned and executed program.


Lucion’s diligence and commitment to providing us with IHM fleet inspection services of high quality coupled with both integrity and honesty has been continuous, including throughout the COVID pandemic. As a leading international shipping and logistics company, finding an accredited supplier who understands our procedures and risks with such consideration and understanding has been refreshing

Gert Jakobsen Vice President, DFDS Group

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