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Global Technology Company Legal Registers


During 2021 the client identified a need to refresh their global compliance program and through our Inogen Alliance partnerships, Our Environmental Health and Safety team were appointed as part of a wider global project to develop environment, health and safety (EHS) legal registers for their office locations.

The client’s existing legal registers were considered to be very generic and not reflective of their activities, therefore required the new legal registers to be bespoke to their operations.  The registers would subsequently be uploaded into Denxpert, a global EHS software tool to which they subscribe. We delivered tailored legal registers to establish which legal provisions apply in which set of conditions, and how to interpret those compliance obligations.

Contract Challenges

When developing a legal register, it is important to fully understand the client’s activities and responsibilities as legal registers must be specific and bespoke to the individual client’s operations as well as to the country in which they operate. For the UK in particular, there are 4 different jurisdictions which all have different rules and these must be reflected in the legal registers. You cannot assume that one legal register will be applicable for all 4 jurisdictions.

Understanding the client’s responsibilities is essential to ensure that each register is bespoke to the client to their operations and locations. For example, as the client owned one of their offices, they were responsible for maintenance of that site and all the legal obligations arising from that. In other sites, the client was only a tenant and therefore maintenance obligations and legal requirements applicable to that would not necessarily be relevant to those sites.

Our Solution

Bespoke EHS legal registers were developed for the client’s 35 office locations. All registers were created by our in-country compliance specialists and then reviewed by our team and our Inogen Alliance associate Antea Group USA to ensure consistency and quality. The registers only included compliance requirements which were relevant to the client’s operations in each location, therefore removing unnecessary compliance obligations.

Strong client relationships were developed and the Inogen Alliance have now been contracted to conduct EHS compliance assessments for the client’s global locations to assist with identifying evidence of compliance and also ensuring the legal registers are as site specific as possible.

This project highlighted the strong partnerships formed throughout the Inogen Alliance.

Across the Inogen Alliance, the legal registers were developed for all the client’s global locations and then collated to understand compliance requirements. Working collaboratively with  Antea Group USA, we coordinated the collation of the registers for all locations, conducting a review of each register before submission to the client.

Strong client relationships were developed and the Inogen Alliance have now been contracted to conduct legal compliance assessments for the client’s global locations to assist with identifying evidence of compliance. Our Inogen Alliance colleagues will complete compliance assessments at all global locations following a consistent methodology under the direction of the Delta Simons and Antea Group USA teams.

About Inogen Alliance

Delta-Simons is proud to be a founder member of the Inogen® Alliance, a global corporation providing multinational organisations with consistent, high quality and cost effective environmental, health, safety, energy and sustainability solutions. Inogen Alliance assists multinational clients by resolving liabilities from the past, addressing today’s requirements and delivering solutions for the future. With more than 280 offices located on every continent, more than 5,000 consultants worldwide, and projects completed in more than 150 countries, Inogen Alliance provides a single point of contact for diverse markets as Automotive, Chemical, Consumer Products & Retail, Financial, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, Non Profit Organisations, Oil & Gas, Real Estate, Services Firms, Technology and Transportation, among others.

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