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ESOS Phase 3 Compliance for Jet2 Plc


Delta-Simons, now known as Lucion, is a leading environmental consultancy, that specialises in providing tailored solutions for sustainable business practices. With a team of dedicated professionals, our Sustainability advisors assist organisations in meeting regulatory requirements and achieving their energy efficiency requirements.

Jet2 Plc, a leading leisure travel group within the low-cost air services industry, engaged our Sustainability Team to support the business in meeting its compliance requirements under Phase 3 of the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme Regulations 2014 (ESOS). This initiative aimed to align Jet2 Plc with the UK’s commitment to energy efficiency and environmental responsibility. Having supported the business across several years to meet its mandatory requirements for carbon reporting, Delta-Simons was well positioned to conduct a thorough assessment of Total Energy Consumption for the organisations, which was inclusive of buildings and process operations.

Contract Challenges

Jet2 Plc, operating in the aviation sector, faced the challenge of ensuring compliance with ESOS Phase 3 regulations. With a diverse portfolio of operations, including corporate offices, aviation fleet, and various bases across the UK, the client needed a comprehensive approach to energy auditing.

To overcome this challenge, we proposed a three-phase approach to address the unique needs of Jet2 Plc:

Phase 1 – Building Energy Audits:

  • Review of energy invoicing and data collection processes;.
  • Analysis of data for all relevant energy sources at key operational sites;.
  • Engagement with operational personnel and FM providers to conduct BS EN 16247-2 compliant building energy audits for selected sites;.
  • Development of energy consumption profiles and performance indications;
  • Proposed recommendations for on-site energy efficiency, inclusive of options for heat decarbonisation;
  • Calculation of predicted annual energy savings, implementation costs and financial payback periods; and
  • Delivery of individual building audit reports.

Phase 2 – Process Energy Audits:

  • Conducting BS EN 16247-3 compliant process energy audits for commercial flight fuel efficiency;
  • Calculation of Total Energy Consumption from process operations; and
  • Stakeholder engagement to understand and capture strategic plans for aircraft fleet upgrades, monitoring and design improvements.

Phase 3 – ESOS Compliance:

  • Conducting a desktop transport audit for the company vehicle fleet to assess suitability for reporting under de-minimis allowance.
  • Producing Final ESOS Phase 3 Compliance Report, including qualifying status, sampling methodology, energy audit findings, and practical recommendations.
  • ESOS Lead Assessor review and sign-off.
  • Preparation of ESOS notification questionnaire.

Contract Solutions

To ensure our team completed each phase of the project, we proposed conducting on-site building energy audits at offices and a desktop audit of aviation fleet activity. The methodology adhered to BS EN 16247:2012 Energy Audits requirements, ensuring a rigorous and compliant assessment. Key stakeholders across the business were consulted to understand the client’s existing approach to energy management. Opportunities were sought for further embedding the energy hierarchy and recommendations considered efficiency improvement relating to:

  • Business policy;
  • Corporate management;
  • Workforce Training;
  • Performance measurement;
  • Communication; and
  • Investment.

The proposed timeline for the project is set at 4-8 weeks, dependent on Jet2 Plc providing timely access to necessary data and personnel support. The phased approach allows for flexibility while ensuring all compliance requirements are met within the specified timeframe.

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