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EMEA Regional Health & Safety Support


As a co-founding member of the Inogen Alliance, a global network of environmental consultants, Delta-Simons provides trusted Environmental Health and Safety services to clients both national and globally. Our team was contracted by a global entertainment company to undertake Environmental, Health and Safety gap assessments at their corporate office locations, across 12 countries in Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA).

We delivered this work with the support of our Inogen Alliance associate partners who provided in-county expertise in each of the client’s operating locations. Subsequent to this, our team continues to provide a dedicated EHS resource within the EMEA region since 2019. This role was originally intended to support closing out findings from the gap analysis within the region. However, as the client did not have any EHS resource within the region, our support evolved into ongoing regional support to help them maintain compliance obligations and implement local, regional and global initiatives. A core focus has been to help the client to navigate the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Contract Challenges

At the beginning of Delta-Simons’ involvement with the client, the internal global EHS team was very small, with only 2 permanent members, including a newly appointed Global Manager based in the US. The scope of our support beyond closing out the gap analysis findings was very open ended as there were limited structured programs in place and the new Global Manager had not established a clear strategy at this point.

The COVID-19 pandemic introduced additional challenges and forced a significant shift in focus as we helped the business adjust to a new way of working. The clients’ culture relies heavily on in-person engagement and therefore many stakeholders were keen to return to the office much sooner than peer companies and sometimes in conflict with local guidance. This presented safety and compliance issues which we were required to help them navigate.

Our Solution

To ensure the client and their employees continue to operate safely, our team delivered a wide range of EHS services, supporting the GLobal EHS Manager and the wider team. Our services, which we continue to deliver, include:

  • Close out of original gap analysis findings
  • Supporting multiple new office openings
  • Covid-19 support including setting up contact tracing service, individual workplace guidance
  • Emergency response planning programme development and implementation
  • Ergonomic programme development and implementation
  • Managing local partnerships with Inogen and non-Inogen consultant support

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