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EHS Gap Analysis for Renewable Energy Fund Manager


Delta-Simons is a multidisciplinary environmental, health and safety consultancy providing trusted training services to clients both nationally and globally. Our Environmental Health and Safety team was appointed by a global fund management and investment specialist in renewable energy assets (wind, solar, hydroelectricity etc.) operating in the UK and Europe to conduct a comprehensive health and safety gap analysis of their EHS management systems.

The gap analysis comprised a series of interviews with different employees and a review of associated documentation. From this, our team produced an audit report which comprised a list of any significant hazards which may not be being managed suitably and recommendations for improving the gaps identified. Delta-Simons is now supporting the client in closing out the identified actions.

Contract Challenges

Due to the complex structure of the client’s legal and operational set-up, the client wanted to understand their current EHS position from an external perspective. Our team reviewed the client’s management of health and safety issues, focusing both on the management of their own employee health and safety issues and also on their identification and management of health and safety issues arising from their acquisition and operation of additional energy assets. This latter aspect of the audit required careful consideration and assessment due to the legal and operational structure set up for the management of individual assets.

Our team also worked collaboratively with our Innogen Alliance partner in Stockholm to review specific aspects of the client’s group management system as they apply in the Nordic countries.

Our Solution

Following the gap analysis, a virtual close-out meeting was held with the client’s EHS department where our team explained the key findings of the audit, providing an opportunity for the client to ask questions.

We received positive feedback from the client who in turn asked our team to support them in developing the Health and Safety documentation required to fill the gaps. Our client has improved their health and safety performance by implementing a more robust EHS management system.

Client Benefits

In this collaborative venture, Delta-Simons delivered a range of substantial benefits to the global fund management and investment specialist operating in renewable energy assets:

  • In-depth Health and Safety Assessment: Delta-Simons conducted a comprehensive health and safety gap analysis, meticulously reviewing the client’s health and safety management systems. This in-depth assessment shed light on their current position and exposed critical areas of improvement, ensuring that the client could address potential hazards and vulnerabilities proactively.
  • External Perspective: Given the complex legal and operational structure of the client, they sought an external perspective to gain a holistic view of their EHS management. Delta-Simons provided the client with an objective assessment, helping them to identify blind spots and areas for enhancement across their diverse operations and acquisition of additional energy assets.
  • Collaborative Nordic Insight: Our collaboration with Innogen Alliance in Stockholm facilitated a review of the client’s group management system, particularly as it applied to the Nordic countries. This cross-border insight ensured a comprehensive and tailored approach to addressing health and safety challenges specific to the Nordic region.
  • Feedback and Gap Closure: Following the gap analysis, a virtual meeting was held to discuss the key findings. The client received valuable insights and had the opportunity to seek clarification, resulting in a better understanding of their EHS position. As a testament to the success of the engagement, the client requested further support to develop essential Health and Safety documentation, thereby enabling them to close identified gaps effectively.
  • Improved EHS Management: Through the implementation of Delta-Simons’ recommendations, the client significantly improved their health and safety performance. Their EHS management system became more robust, leading to enhanced safety, compliance, and risk mitigation across their operations.

In partnering with Delta-Simons, our client not only gained a clearer understanding of their EHS landscape but also achieved tangible improvements in their health and safety practices, positioning them for a safer and more sustainable future in the renewable energy sector.

About Inogen Alliance

Delta-Simons takes immense pride in its foundational role within the Inogen® Alliance, a globally-reaching conglomerate dedicated to providing multinational enterprises with consistent, top-tier, and cost-efficient solutions across the environmental, health, safety, energy, and sustainability domains. The Inogen Alliance is at the forefront of aiding multinational clients in not only rectifying past liabilities but also addressing the pressing demands of the present while charting a sustainable course for the future.

Spanning the globe, Inogen Alliance boasts an extensive network of over 280 offices on every continent, supported by over 5,000 consultants. Inogen has successfully executed projects in more than 150 countries, signifying Inogen’s prowess in delivering unified solutions for diverse industries, including but not limited to Automotive, Chemical, Consumer Products and retail, Financial, Food and beverage, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, Non-Profit Organisations, Oil & Gas, Real Estate, Services Firms, Technology, and Transportation, among others.

As an established single point of contact for multifarious markets, Inogen Alliance serves as a strategic partner to its clients, addressing the multifaceted challenges of today and the aspirations of tomorrow.


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