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Commercial Office Air Quality Assessments


The Delta-Simons Air Quality team, now part of Lucion, were commissioned to identify the effectiveness of ventilation in commercial office spaces, across three locations. Baseline IAQ measurements of CO2, CO, temperature, and relative humidity, as HVAC functional indicators, were taken prior to re-occupancy of the office space, with a focus on the various types of meeting room available.

IAQ measurements were assessed against the relevant Workplace Health and Safety guidance documents and American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Standards, to determine compliance and to provide recommendations, where applicable, to make sure that the workplace is safe for the return of employees.

Efficient ventilation of indoor spaces is necessary to prevent the potential onset of health risks related to poor IAQ. Therefore, monitoring of indoor spaces and appraisal of their HVAC systems is crucial to highlight any areas where improvements can be made. This can also allow us to advise on the benefit of installation and implementation of CO2 monitors in the office space, which would alert the occupants to elevated CO2 concentrations.


Out of three offices, two had adequate ventilation and one required the implementation of improvement measures. These measures include recommendations to utilise the openable windows, especially in the meeting rooms where these are available, and providing employee training on the effective use of the ventilation system in place. Replacing the whole ventilation system is not often economically achievable but providing employee training would be beneficial.

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