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Carbon Management Consultants – Bagboard


Companies are increasingly under scrutiny to deliver on environmental promises and pledges. Consumers are progressively turning to eco-products and sustainable alternatives in response to the growing risks associated with climate change and mankind’s impact on the environment.

Assessing the carbon footprint of a company, event, service or product is one method of understanding the impact on the environment. Measuring greenhouse emissions allows a company to benchmark its impact and take action to reduce it.

Companies can then choose to offset their associated carbon – or even go beyond and further invest in schemes which are environmentally, socially and economically beneficial. Bagboard is a company who wants to make a real difference to our environment.


Bagboard are a company specialising in the manufacturing of premium, eco-friendly, recyclable paper bags to replace single-use plastic bags. The bags are paid for by printed advertising and will soon be available in over 2,000 independent retailers across Greater London. Consumers can scan the printed advertising on the bag using smart phones, with the advertisements coming to life using augmented reality.

Bagboard’s mission is to remove one billion plastic bags via the company’s partnership with The Plastic Bank. For every day that a customer re-uses and scans one of these bags, Bagboard direct a proportion of their advertising income to The Plastic Bank so that 100 single-use plastic bags can be recycled.

In addition to replacing single-use plastics bags and removing plastic from the oceans, Bagboard wanted to ensure that their product is as environmentally friendly as possible. Bagboard instructed Delta-Simons to complete a carbon footprint assessment of a typical bag, from cradle to grave.

Outline / Scope of Works

Delta-Simons assessed each part of the lifecycle of a bag –  from the sustainable sourcing of paper to the manufacturing process; and from the distribution to retailers to the point at which the product is recycled by a customer. Delta-Simons calculated the total carbon emissions associated with each individual Bagboard bag, so that the client could offset the associated emissions.

Delta-Simons helped Bagboard to source verified carbon offsets and removal schemes to complement their environmental objectives and company values.


‘Beyond Carbon Neutral’ is the Delta-Simons seal of approval awarded to products, services, events, departments or whole organisations that:

  • Measure their emissions
  • Commit to make tangible reductions to their environmental impact
  • Offset at least 150% of their CO2e emissions

Bagboard have measured the lifecycle emissions of a bag; are committed to reducing the emissions throughout the supply chain; and have offset 150% of their emissions through renewable energy and tree planting via the Woodland Trust.

This further illustrates Bagboard’s commitment to not only neutralise the impact from their business activities, but to make a long-lasting positive contribution to the environment.

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