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Asbestos Remediation Management For Global Hotel Chain


Lucion Services is the UK market leader for accredited hazardous material testing, surveying, and consultancy. Providing trusted holistic environmental services to commercial clients across multiple sectors. We have worked with our Client, a renowned international Hotel chain, since 2016. Our team were initially contracted to undertake the review of the existing asbestos survey information checking for compliance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

Through a rigorous review of all the existing data and the implementation of key processes ensuring statutory compliance, our team now deliver asbestos management services (including an asbestos re-inspection programme) for a number of their assets in the UK.

Due to our continued trusted relationship with our client, our team have been commissioned to deliver asbestos remediation project management, including removal specifications and tenders on live hotel sites.


As a growing hotel chain, our client has acquired multiple assets both nationally and internationally with a variety of build types. Many of our clients buildings were constructed between the 1950s and 1985 and pose the highest risk due to the presence of asbestos-containing materials (ACMs). Asbestos can be found in various forms, including pipe lagging, sprayed asbestos, asbestos-insulating boards, thermal insulation, floor tiles, cement roofing/guttering, and textured coatings.

Removal of asbestos on live sites can present many challenges. Our asbestos remediation project plan needed careful planning and engagement with end users, with work scheduled to be undertaken out of hours to mitigate impact to staff and visitors.

The Solution

Our team designed multiple comprehensive asbestos removal specifications and attended sites during the removal works to provide asbestos air testing and four-stage clearances to ensure compliance with HSG guidance. We attend sites to carry out works outside of trading hours and work to precise plans of work to ensure that surveys and removal works are fit for purpose and do not pose a risk to occupants and customers.

We have a dedicated Retail Account Management team that work exclusively with our retail sector clients who have property portfolios nationwide. Our Retail Account Management Team manage the streamlined delivery of works across the UK, working with local regional operations staff to schedule works as required.

To help support our client to efficiently and effectively manage their risks, we provided access to NexGen, our proprietary hazardous materials management software, facilitating the Estates team to access their asbestos data in an online ‘live’ system.

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