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A Geotechnical and Geo-Environmental Site Investigation Contract Beside the A1


Ground Engineering was awarded a geotechnical and geo-environmental site investigation contract to look at redevelopment options for a large development site adjacent to the A1. The history of the site was complex including adjacent quarrying and landfill operations as well as potentially difficult underlying geology.

From the first phase of investigation undertaken by Ground Engineering, an overall assessment of the proposed re-development of the site was completed. This included:

  • Assessment and suitability of site won materials for use as earthworks material for use in highways as well as engineered fill below structures in conjunction with the SHW, BS EN 13242, BS 6031 and BR 424.
  • Assessment and suitability of site won sand and gravel deposits for use as concrete aggregates, completed in accordance with the guidance provided by BS EN 12620.
  • Assessment and suitability of site won materials to be successfully treated with lime and/or cement in conjunction with SHW, HA 74/00, BS EN 13242 and Britpave Technical Data Sheet BP/16.

Assessment of implications of proposed cut and fill operation, including induced settlement of underlying soils, slope stability, highways design and potential for expansion and heave in areas of cut.

Post completion of this phase of investigation, an earthworks specification was drafted and presented within the report in order to allow for a comprehensive assessment to be made for the various development options for the site.

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