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Assured Sustainability Services

United Nations Global Compact

Lucion is a proud member of the United Nations Global Compact.

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Environment Analyst Leader Member

Environment Analyst Leader Member

Inclusive of Environment Analyst Sustainability Delivery Group


Palatine Climate Leadership Award

Climate Leadership Award 2023

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We recently engaged Lucion Delta-Simons Ltd to help on our ESG and Carbon Reduction journey. To be honest, we didn’t know what we didn’t know, and the last 6 months have been an eye-opener and a great learning curve.   

Taking us through this journey, Rob Molyneux and Rob Dadzie, have both been extremely professional, helpful and enthusiastic. They have been flexible and patient, making the journey to a positive ESG disclosure easier.   

We are nearing the end of the scope of work, with the exception of our end-of-year GRI report, but I’m sure we will be back annually for ESG Performance Validations and Carbon Assessments.

The team have done a great job, and I look forward to continuing to work with you.

David Robinson HSE & ESG Director Innovo Build UAE

Bransby Horses is avidly committed to ensuring a responsible, resourceful and compassionate approach to reducing our environmental impact. Our vision to promote a healthier environment includes the advancement of conservation and sustainability through a variety of channels. We are proud to be working in conjunction with Lucion Delta-Simons Ltd to provide a safe and ecological environment which can be enjoyed for future generations.

Joanne Snell General Manager

Lucion Delta-Simons Ltd did a great job getting to grips quickly with the project and successfully assisting us in achieving the BREEAM very good rating, thereby removing this potentially significant obstacle to the sale of the building. I will certainly come back to Delta-Simons for BREEAM related advice in the future.

Doug Shield Operations Director, Tolent Construction

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Embedding Sustainability FAQs

Businesses of all sizes and sectors can benefit from sustainability and consultancy services. Whether you’re a small startup looking to build sustainability into your operations from the ground up, or a large corporation aiming to improve your ESG performance, our services can be tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Effective sustainability communication is essential for building trust and credibility with stakeholders. We can help you develop a sustainability communication strategy that is tailored to your business and your stakeholders. This may involve preparing sustainability reports and disclosures in line with recognised frameworks like GRI and SASB, engaging stakeholders through different channels and media, and highlighting your progress and achievements through case studies, infographics, and other engaging content.

Setting science-based targets for carbon reduction helps businesses align their decarbonisation efforts with the level of ambition required to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement and avoid the worst impacts of climate change. Science-based targets provide a clearly defined pathway to reduce emissions in line with climate science, helping businesses to futureproof their operations, manage climate risks, and demonstrate their sustainability leadership to stakeholders.

At Lucion, we use a structured materiality assessment process to determine the ESG factors that are most important for your business. This involves identifying and prioritising ESG issues based on their relevance and significance to your business and your stakeholders. We consider factors such as your sector, geography, value chain, stakeholder expectations, and sustainability risks and opportunities.

Net zero carbon and carbon neutral are related but distinct concepts. Carbon neutral means balancing carbon emissions with carbon removal or offsetting, so that the net carbon emissions are zero. Net zero carbon goes further by requiring a reduction in carbon emissions in line with climate science and the Paris Agreement goals before any remaining emissions are balanced through carbon removal or offsetting.

Sustainability and consultancy services can help your business in numerous ways, including:

  • reducing energy costs and carbon emissions
  • identifying and managing ESG risks and opportunities
  • enhancing your reputation and credibility with stakeholders
  • attracting responsible investment
  • complying with regulations and disclosure requirements
  • contributing to the transition to a sustainable, low-carbon economy.

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