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NORM Waste Disposal Services 

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As a NORM waste facility operator, you are responsible for complying with environmental permit requirements set by UK environment agencies (SEPA/EA), including conducting environmental impact assessments and implementing Best Available Techniques (BAT)/ Best Practicable Means (BPM) for waste management. Partnering with a professional service provider like Lucion can help you meet these responsibilities effectively. 

As appointed Radiation Protection Advisers (RPA) and Radioactive Waste Advisers (RWA), Lucion’s team has extensive experience in helping NORM waste facilities comply with relevant legislation and best practices. We provide guidance on environmental permit applications, conduct compliance audits, and offer support in discussions with regulators such as Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) and the Environment Agency. 

Lucion provides a comprehensive range of services for NORM waste management, including advice on radiation protection and waste management, development of procedures and risk assessments, assistance with environmental permits and impact assessments, personnel training, on-site support and audits, and representation in discussions with regulators. 

Industries that may produce NORM waste include oil and gas production, mining and mineral processing, rare earth element production, water treatment, and various manufacturing processes involving materials such as titanium dioxide, zirconium, and phosphate ore. 

Professional NORM waste disposal ensures that these materials are handled, managed, and disposed of in compliance with relevant legislation and best practices. This helps protect human health and the environment from potential radiological hazards associated with NORM waste. 

NORM refers to radioactive elements found naturally in the environment, such as uranium, thorium, and potassium, and their decay products. These materials are present in all raw materials to some extent and can become concentrated through various industrial processes, resulting in NORM waste. 

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