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Flood Risk & Drainage Services

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Assured, Trusted Flood and Drainage Consultancy

CIWEM Membership

Many of our Water Services Consultants are members of the Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management with several of our team holding Chartership status.

Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management

Lucion’s team of Ecologists undergo specialist training and maintain active membership with the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management.

IEMA EIA Quality Mark

Lucion Delta-Simons Ltd has achieved the Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment’s (IEMA) Quality Mark for Environmental Impact Assessment as a large producer of Environmental Statements and Chapters.


Lucion Delta-Simons Ltd has advised Hermes for over 22 years on a range of environmental issues. Their team holds an impressive depth of knowledge and experience, which added to their commercial understanding, makes Lucion Delta-Simons Ltd an invaluable member of our project team.

Jo Flattery Associate Director & Project Management

Bransby Horses is avidly committed to ensuring a responsible, resourceful and compassionate approach to reducing our environmental impact. Our vision to promote a healthier environment includes the advancement of conservation and sustainability through a variety of channels. We are proud to be working in conjunction with Lucion Delta-Simons Ltd to provide a safe and ecological environment which can be enjoyed for future generations.

Joanne Snell General Manager

Pinnacle sought a partner rather than simply a consultancy service provider. We looked for an organisation that listened carefully to our needs and ideas and provided a choice of added-value solutions. We have been impressed with Lucion Delta-Simons Ltd ability to work closely with us to develop solutions that enable us to consistently deliver against our Client’s objectives.

David Meigh Pinnacle Consulting Engineers Ltd

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Flood & Drainage Risk FAQ

Our approach is to provide objective, evidence-based assessments and recommendations, even if they differ from your initial views. We prioritise transparency, technical expertise, and regulatory compliance to ensure the best outcomes for you and the environment. Our recommendations are based on the latest scientific data, industry best practices, and a deep understanding of the regulatory landscape. 

Nutrient Neutrality assessments are required for developments in catchments where increased nutrient levels can harm water-dependent sites and wildlife. We will provide these assessments to demonstrate whether “nutrient neutrality” is achievable, ensuring your development does not contribute to the degradation of these protected areas. 

We can incorporate our FRAs and Drainage Strategies into Environmental Statements as part of the Environmental Impact Assessment process. This helps you address the water-related aspects of your development’s environmental impacts, such as potential effects on water quality, flood risk, and sustainable drainage. 

Our team will assist you in navigating the regulatory framework for Ordinary Watercourse Land Drainage Consents and Flood Risk Activity Permits. We will conduct a site assessment to understand the potential flood and environmental risks, coordinate with the relevant authorities, and prepare the necessary documentation to support your application. This ensures you obtain the required approvals to proceed with your development or activities, while meeting all legislative and regulatory requirements. 

We will provide complete Drainage Strategies, from outline planning to detailed design, prioritising Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) where practical. SuDS are designed to manage surface water runoff in a more natural and sustainable way, reducing the risk of flooding and improving water quality. We can also conduct Soakaway Testing to assess the viability of infiltration-based SuDS solutions, such as permeable paving or swales, which are often the preferred options. This helps you meet local planning requirements and demonstrate your commitment to sustainable water management. 

We assess flood risks from a range of sources, including tidal (coastal), fluvial (main river and ordinary watercourses), surface water, groundwater, and artificial drainage (such as reservoirs, sewers, and canals). Our assessments consider the potential for flooding from these various sources to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the risks facing your site or portfolio. 

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