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ESG Performance Assessment

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We recently engaged Lucion Delta-Simons Ltd to help on our ESG and Carbon Reduction journey. To be honest, we didn’t know what we didn’t know, and the last 6 months have been an eye-opener and a great learning curve.   

Taking us through this journey, Rob Molyneux and Rob Dadzie, have both been extremely professional, helpful and enthusiastic. They have been flexible and patient, making the journey to a positive ESG disclosure easier.   

We are nearing the end of the scope of work, with the exception of our end-of-year GRI report, but I’m sure we will be back annually for ESG Performance Validations and Carbon Assessments.

The team have done a great job, and I look forward to continuing to work with you.

David Robinson HSE & ESG Director Innovo Build UAE

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ESG Performance Assessments FAQs

While sustainability reporting often focuses on disclosing metrics, an ESG Performance Assessment provides a deeper analysis of the effectiveness and impact of your sustainability initiatives, offering strategic insights for improvement. 

The assessment is tailored to your specific industry, considering sector-specific regulations, benchmarks and best practices. This ensures that the insights and recommendations are relevant and actionable for your unique business context. 

Yes, the assessment can provide valuable data and insights that demonstrate your commitment to sustainability to investors. It can help you articulate your ESG strategy more effectively and show how you’re managing ESG-related risks and opportunities. 

While annual assessments are common, the frequency can depend on your industry’s pace of change and your organisation’s specific goals. Some companies opt for more frequent, focused assessments of particular ESG areas. 

Clear communication about the purpose and process of the assessment is key. Involving employees in the process, such as through surveys or workshops, can increase engagement and provide valuable insights into your organisation’s ESG performance. 

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