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Trusted, Assured Ecology Services

IEMA EIA Quality Mark

Lucion Delta-Simons Ltd has achieved the Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment’s (IEMA) Quality Mark for Environmental Impact Assessment as a large producer of Environmental Statements and Chapters.

Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management

Lucion’s team of Ecologists undergo specialist training and maintain active membership with the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management.

CIWEM Membership

Many of our Water Services Consultants are members of the Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management with several of our team holding Chartership status.


Lucion Delta-Simons Ltd has advised Hermes for over 22 years on a range of environmental issues. Their team holds an impressive depth of knowledge and experience, which added to their commercial understanding, makes Lucion Delta-Simons Ltd an invaluable member of our project team.

Jo Flattery Associate Director & Project Management

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Ecology FAQ

Getting started with addressing a project’s ecological needs is a straightforward process.  

Contact Lucion to discuss your project requirements. Our teams work with you to create a customised plans that meets your needs and budget.  

Whether your project is in the early planning stages or already in development, our experienced ecologists provide assistance every step of the way, helping you protect biodiversity, ensure compliance, and achieve success. 

By choosing a reputable ecological consultancy for a project’s ecological requirements, developers gain access to a team of highly qualified and experienced ecologists who are dedicated to helping achieve project goals.  

At Lucion, we offer a comprehensive range of services, tailored to your specific needs, focusing on delivering pragmatic, cost-effective solutions. 

Our commitment to excellence, combined with our teams’ in-depth knowledge of UK regulations and best practices, ensures that your project will benefit from the highest level of ecological support. 

Mitigating the ecological impact of a development project involves implementing measures to avoid, reduce, or compensate for any potential harm to biodiversity.  

This may include designing the project to avoid sensitive habitats, creating new habitats to replace those lost, or translocating protected species to suitable receptor sites.  

Working closely with our team of ecologists, we help develop a bespoke mitigation strategy that meets the specific needs of your project and ensures its long-term sustainability. 

Ecological licensing is the process of obtaining legal permission to carry out activities that may impact protected species or their habitats. 

Licenses are issued by the relevant statutory bodies, such as Natural England or Natural Resources Wales, and are required when a project cannot avoid impacting protected species.  

It’s important to consult with experienced ecologists who are well-versed in the licensing process and can guide the application, ensuring that the project meets all necessary criteria. 

Compliance with protected species legislation is essential for any development project.  

Lucion’s Ecologists can help identify the presence of protected species on your site through targeted surveys, such as bat surveys, great crested newt surveys, and reptile surveys.  

If protected species are found, appropriate mitigation strategies and necessary licenses should be obtained to ensure that the project remains compliant throughout its lifecycle. 

A preliminary ecological appraisal is an initial assessment of a site’s ecological value and its potential to support protected species.  

This appraisal is crucial for identifying any ecological constraints early in the planning process, allowing for appropriate mitigation measures to be incorporated into the project design.  

Conducting a preliminary ecological appraisal can help avoid costly delays and ensure compliance with relevant regulations. 

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