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CCTV Drainage Surveys

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Lucion Surveys is a National Association Of Drainage Contractors member.
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CCTV Surveys FAQs

Our CCTV condition reports, accompanied by AutoCAD drawings, provide extensive details on your drainage system’s condition and defect locations. Clear, actionable repair recommendations are integral to our reports. 

Survey duration depends on factors like drain length and property type. Lucion provides estimates beforehand. Costs vary based on survey duration and property size. Our detailed quotes ensure transparency. 

Besides addressing immediate issues, a ‘pre-purchase drain survey’ aids property buyers, ensuring a thorough understanding of drainage conditions. Landlords benefit by preventing surprise drainage problems during tenancy. 

Slow-draining sinks, flooding drains, or gurgling sounds may indicate issues. Unnoticed blockages can lead to burst pipes and leaks. A CCTV survey is crucial in such scenarios, offering a proactive solution. 

State-of-the-art technology in CCTV surveys can detect blockages, leaks, collapsed drains, animal intrusions, and wear and tear, saving you time and money.  

At Lucion, we employ advanced Vivax vCam-6 push rod systems and mainline pan and tilt crawlers for accurate inspections. 

Hidden drainage issues can lead to major problems for asset owners. A CCTV drainage survey involves a remote-controlled camera unit capturing high-definition imagery, allowing engineers to assess the system without digging or manual entry. 

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