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Lucion’s team of Ecologists undergo specialist training and maintain active membership with the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management.

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Lucion Delta-Simons Ltd has achieved the Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment’s (IEMA) Quality Mark for Environmental Impact Assessment as a large producer of Environmental Statements and Chapters.

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Environment Analyst Leader Member

Inclusive of Environment Analyst Sustainability Delivery Group


Air Quality FAQs

Air quality limit values and targets in the UK are set at both the national and devolved levels. The UK Government is responsible for meeting limits in England, while the devolved administrations set their own standards for Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The World Health Organization also publishes non-binding air quality guidelines that are often referenced. 

The UK’s air quality legislation is a complex mix of international commitments, retained EU laws, and domestic legislation. Key elements include the Gothenburg Protocol, the EU’s Ambient Air Quality Directive, and the UK’s national air quality strategies and regulations. These set emissions ceilings, limit values for pollutant concentrations, and targets for improving air quality. 

Dispersion modelling using industry-standard tools allows our Air Quality Consultants to quantify the potential impacts of your development on local air quality, predicting pollutant concentrations and demonstrating compliance with relevant air quality objectives and standards. 

Air quality scoping studies provide an early overview of the existing conditions and potential constraints within the assessment area. This helps you understand the feasibility of your proposed development and identify any significant effects that may require further, more detailed assessment. 

Air quality is a critical consideration for any development, with potential impacts on human health, the environment, and regulatory compliance. Conducting a comprehensive air quality assessment allows you to identify constraints, predict impacts, and design appropriate mitigation measures to satisfy planning requirements and protect sensitive receptors. 

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