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The infrastructure and transport sector forms the backbone of our economy and society, encompassing everything from roads and railways to airports and logistics hubs. With complex projects, stringent regulations, and increasing pressure for sustainability, the sector faces unique challenges in balancing safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

As an infrastructure or transport provider, you’re tasked with developing and maintaining the vital networks and facilities that keep our society moving. Whether you’re managing motorways, railways, airports, or logistics centres, you face unique challenges that require specialist expertise. At Lucion, we understand these complexities and offer tailored solutions to support your operational excellence, ensure compliance, and drive sustainability initiatives. 

Comprehensive Risk Management: Safeguarding Your Assets and Communities 

The safety of your workforce, the integrity of your assets, and the protection of the public are paramount. Our expert team provides a wide range of risk management services, including: 

  • Asbestos surveys and management plans for infrastructure assets 
  • Legionella risk assessments and water hygiene management 
  • Geotechnical and environmental site investigations 
  • Contaminated land assessments and remediation strategies 
  • Radiation protection services for specialised facilities 

Our services ensure you meet and exceed regulatory requirements, including those set by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the Environment Agency, and sector-specific bodies. We help you maintain safe, compliant operations whilst protecting your workforce, the public, and the environment. 

Environmental Compliance and Sustainability 

As the infrastructure and transport sector plays a crucial role in the transition to a low-carbon future, demonstrating strong environmental performance is essential. Our services include: 

  • Environmental impact assessments for new developments and upgrades 
  • Ecology surveys and biodiversity management plans 
  • Carbon footprinting and energy efficiency audits 
  • Sustainability strategy development and reporting 
  • Waste management and minimisation strategies 

We help you navigate complex environmental regulations, minimise your ecological footprint, and position your operations as leaders in sustainable infrastructure and transport provision. 

Specialised Sector Expertise 

Our teams are trained and certified to meet the unique demands of the infrastructure and transport sector: 

  • Personal Track Safety (PTS) certified staff for rail projects 
  • Airside insurance and security clearance for airport work 
  • Highways Agency compliant vehicle livery and reporting formats 
  • Achilles Link-Up registration for rail network projects 

We’re also accredited by key industry bodies, demonstrating our commitment to quality and safety in infrastructure and transport operations. 

Supporting the Entire Project Lifecycle 

From initial site assessments for new developments to the maintenance and upgrading of existing assets, we support you at every stage: 

  • Pre-construction environmental and safety assessments 
  • Topographical and utility surveys 
  • Setting out services for precise construction 
  • CCTV surveys for underground infrastructure 
  • 3D modelling and Building Information Modelling (BIM) integration 
  • Ongoing compliance management and auditing 
  • Decommissioning and site remediation services 

Our comprehensive approach ensures continuity of service and expertise throughout your project’s lifecycle. 

Your Trusted Partner in Infrastructure & Transport Excellence 

With extensive experience in the infrastructure and transport sector, we understand the balance you must strike between delivering vital services, ensuring safety, and driving innovation. Our expertise is backed by a comprehensive range of industry-recognised accreditations and certifications, demonstrating our commitment to the highest standards of quality, safety, and environmental management. 

Our UKAS accreditations for inspection and testing underscore our competence in managing hazardous materials, a critical concern in many infrastructure projects. For utility and infrastructure clients, our Achilles UVDB verification provides additional assurance of our capabilities and compliance. 

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Committed to safety on site

In the transport sector, our commitment to safety is evidenced by our membership in confidential reporting schemes and our Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) certification. These credentials are particularly valuable for rail and road transport projects, where safety is paramount. 

For projects involving road works or underground surveys, we hold the necessary qualifications and licences, including street works qualifications and ground penetrating radar licences. This ensures we can operate effectively and compliantly across various infrastructure environments. 

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Trusted Environmental Management

Our expertise in environmental management is reinforced by our ISO certifications and our Quality Mark for Environmental Impact Assessments. This is particularly relevant for large-scale infrastructure projects where environmental considerations are critical. 

By choosing Lucion as your partner, you gain access to this wealth of accredited expertise. Our nationwide coverage ensures we can support your projects wherever they are, whilst our diverse qualifications allow us to address the full spectrum of environmental, health, and safety challenges you face across the infrastructure and transport sector. 

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Assured Environmental Services for the Transport Infrastructure Sector

Achilles UVDB

Valid until 20/07/2024

Supplier Number: 059430

Achilles UVDB Registration & Audit Certificate

Lucion Environmental Limited

Constructionline Gold

Constructionline Gold includes Acclaim’s SSIP accreditation, streamlining compliance and health and safety information.

View our certificate

Lucion Services Ltd

Ground Probing Radar Licence

It is a legal requirement in the UK for Ground Penetrating Radar users to hold an Ofcom licence, the licence needs to be renewed every three years.

Lucion Surveys are licence holders 0996045/1

UKAS Accredited – Inspection

Our UKAS ISO 17025 accredited hazardous materials laboratory operates under the legal entity Lucion Services. Lucion Services is a UKAS-accredited inspection body No. 0263 in relation to asbestos.

View our UKAS Schedule

UKAS Accredited – Testing

Our UKAS ISO 17025 accredited hazardous materials laboratory operates under the legal entity Lucion Services. Lucion Services is a UKAS accredited testing laboratory No. 2569 in relation to asbestos.

View our UKAS schedule

UKAS Accredited – Testing

Our geotechnical laboratory operates under the legal entity Lucion Ground Engineering. Lucion Ground Engineering is a UKAS-accredited testing laboratory No. 8180.  

View our UKAS Schedule

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