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The offshore energy sector is evolving rapidly, driven by the need for sustainable, secure energy and the challenges of climate change. From traditional oil and gas operations to emerging renewable technologies like offshore wind, wave, and tidal power, offshore energy providers face complex environmental and safety challenges.

As an offshore energy provider, you’re at the forefront of meeting global energy demands while operating in one of the world’s most challenging environments. Whether you’re managing oil and gas platforms, developing offshore wind farms, or exploring new marine energy technologies, you face unique risks and regulatory requirements. At Lucion, we understand these complexities and offer tailored solutions to support your operational excellence, ensure compliance, and drive sustainability initiatives. 

Comprehensive Risk Management: Safeguarding Your Assets and People 

The safety of your workforce and the integrity of your assets are paramount in offshore operations. Our expert team provides a wide range of risk management services, including: 

  • Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA) and Radioactive Waste Adviser (RWA) services for managing Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) 
  • Offshore radiological surveys and NORM waste identification 
  • Asbestos surveys and management plans for older offshore structures 
  • Legionella risk assessments and water hygiene management for offshore facilities 
  • Non-Ionising Electromagnetic Field (EMF) assessments 

Our services ensure you meet and exceed regulatory requirements, including the Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017 and offshore-specific health and safety regulations. We help you maintain a safe working environment while protecting the marine ecosystem. 

Environmental Compliance and Sustainability 

As the offshore energy sector plays a crucial role in the transition to a low-carbon future, demonstrating strong environmental performance is essential. Our services include: 

  • Environmental impact assessments for new offshore developments 
  • Marine ecology surveys and consultancy 
  • Contaminated sediment assessments and management strategies 
  • Carbon footprinting and energy efficiency audits for offshore operations 
  • Sustainability strategy development aligned with international goals and regulations 

We help you navigate complex environmental regulations, minimise your ecological footprint, and position your operations as leaders in sustainable offshore energy production. 

Decommissioning Support: Ensuring Responsible Asset Retirement 

For assets reaching the end of their operational life, we offer specialized decommissioning support: 

  • Hazardous material surveys and inventories 
  • Waste management planning and execution 
  • Environmental monitoring during decommissioning activities 
  • Radiological decontamination services for NORM-affected equipment 

Our expertise ensures your decommissioning projects comply with regulations and minimise environmental impact, supporting your commitment to responsible asset management. 

Your Trusted Partner in Offshore Excellence 

With decades of experience in offshore environments, we understand the unique challenges you face. Our teams are fully trained and certified for offshore work, including BOSIET qualification and UK Oil & Gas Medical certification. We work flexibly around your operational needs, ensuring minimal disruption to your critical processes. 

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Multidisciplinary Services

By choosing Lucion as your partner, you gain a dedicated ally in your mission to provide safe, sustainable, and efficient offshore energy. Whether you’re operating oil and gas platforms, developing offshore wind farms, or exploring new marine energy technologies, our comprehensive services and deep sector knowledge empower you to navigate the complex landscape of offshore energy with confidence.

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Trusted Environmental Management

Our expertise in environmental management is reinforced by our ISO certifications and our Quality Mark for Environmental Impact Assessments. This is particularly relevant for large-scale infrastructure projects where environmental considerations are critical. 

By choosing Lucion as your partner, you gain access to this wealth of accredited expertise. Our nationwide coverage ensures we can support your projects wherever they are, whilst our diverse qualifications allow us to address the full spectrum of environmental, health, and safety challenges you face across the infrastructure and transport sector. 

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Lucion Radiation Protection is a member of The Society for Radiological Protection.

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Lucion Radiation Protection Services is a registered supplier on the FPAL Achilles Oil and Gas Europe – Silver
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Valid until: 25/07/2024

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Lucion is a proud member of the United Nations Global Compact.

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We recently engaged Lucion Delta-Simons Ltd to help on our ESG and Carbon Reduction journey. To be honest, we didn’t know what we didn’t know, and the last 6 months have been an eye-opener and a great learning curve.   

Taking us through this journey, Rob Molyneux and Rob Dadzie, have both been extremely professional, helpful and enthusiastic. They have been flexible and patient, making the journey to a positive ESG disclosure easier.   

We are nearing the end of the scope of work, with the exception of our end-of-year GRI report, but I’m sure we will be back annually for ESG Performance Validations and Carbon Assessments.

The team have done a great job, and I look forward to continuing to work with you.

David Robinson HSE & ESG Director Innovo Build UAE

In the dim and distant past I used to work as a surveyor down the pit, so this project was of great interest to me. It was rewarding seeing so many of the modern technologies now used in surveying being combined to produce a comprehensive survey of this historic building.

Eric Hinds Project Lead

This was a really interesting project for us on such a historic site. It required a range of different survey techniques to complete, from a traditional topographic survey, to laser scanning and the use of a drone. All done to a tight timescale to the satisfaction of the client.

Eric Hinds Project Lead

Since joining the Water Team in 2023, I have worked on a variety of projects, including both transactional and planning work across the UK. Opportunities to work on various climate change related projects including completing physical climate and BREEAM reports means that no working week is ever the same! As charity coordinator, I’ve organised a number of events for the Manchester office and taken part in the Cambridge Half Marathon with colleagues. This was a great way to meet other teams across the business!

Tess Webb-Jones Graduate Flood Risk & Drainage Consultant

I transferred into an ESG role in 2022 from the ETS team. I really enjoy working at Lucion and my current role involves working across the whole business. It’s extremely varied, allowing me to contribute to making Lucion a great place to work and one which invests in the environment and communities around us. Helping Lucion deliver this is very rewarding.

Emily Spencer Group ESG Manager

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