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Shipping & Maritime Infrastructure

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The shipping and maritime infrastructure sector faces unique challenges in balancing operational efficiency with environmental responsibility and regulatory compliance. From managing aging port facilities to ensuring the safety of offshore operations, the industry must navigate complex environmental regulations, safety standards, and sustainability goals.

As a professional in the shipping and maritime infrastructure sector, you’re tasked with maintaining operational efficiency while adhering to stringent environmental and safety regulations. Whether you’re managing ports, vessels, or offshore facilities, you face unique challenges that require expert knowledge

At Lucion, we understand these complexities and offer tailored solutions to support your operational excellence, ensure regulatory compliance, and drive sustainability initiatives. 

Comprehensive Environmental Services 

Our expert team provides a wide range of services to support sustainable practices across maritime operations: 

  • Asbestos surveys and management plans for port facilities and vessels 
  • Legionella risk assessments and water hygiene management for ships and offshore platforms 
  • Environmental Impact Assessments for port developments and offshore installations 
  • Marine ecology surveys and consultancy 
  • Contaminated sediment assessments and management strategies 
  • Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) for vessels 
  • Offshore radiological surveys and NORM waste identification 

Our services ensure you meet and exceed regulatory requirements, helping you maintain environmentally responsible operations while optimising operational efficiency. 

Sustainability and Environmental Compliance 

As stewards of the marine environment, the shipping and maritime infrastructure sector is under increasing pressure to demonstrate sustainable practices. We offer: 

  • Sustainability strategy development and reporting 
  • Energy audits and carbon footprinting for vessels and port facilities 
  • Waste management and minimisation strategies, including marine waste 
  • ESG performance assessments and improvement plans 
  • Support for compliance with IMO regulations and EU Ship Recycling Regulation 

We help you showcase your commitment to environmental stewardship, enhancing your reputation and operational resilience. 

Your Trusted Partner in Sustainable Maritime Operations

With our extensive experience in environmental and safety services, we’re well-positioned to support the shipping and maritime infrastructure sector. Our BOSIET-qualified and UK Oil & Gas Medical certified personnel ensure we can work effectively within sensitive maritime environments. 

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Sustainability & Environmental Compliance Experts

By choosing Lucion as your partner, you gain a dedicated ally in your mission to maintain operational efficiency while managing environmental responsibilities. Our deep understanding of maritime sector challenges, comprehensive services, and commitment to innovation empower you to navigate the complex landscape of modern shipping and maritime operations with confidence. 

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