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In the complex landscape of healthcare, environmental safety and sustainability are as critical as patient care. Most UK hospitals still contain asbestos and unprecedented requirements to adapt to environmental challenges. Healthcare facilities require expert partners to navigate regulatory complexities and ensure a safe, sustainable environment for all. Lucion’s tailored services address the unique needs of healthcare institutions, from managing hazardous materials to implementing cutting-edge sustainability solutions.

Healthcare providers, from NHS trusts to private clinics, face the complex challenge of delivering world-class care whilst ensuring the safety and sustainability of their facilities. At Lucion, we understand the delicate balance our clients must strike between maintaining operational efficiency and adhering to stringent environmental and safety regulations. Our comprehensive suite of services is tailored to address the unique needs of all healthcare institutions, whether they’re large hospital networks, local GP surgeries, or specialised care facilities.  

Asbestos Management: A Top Priority for Patient and Staff Safety  

With asbestos present in over two-thirds of UK hospitals and healthcare facilities, our clients recognise the critical importance of effective management. Our specialist hazardous materials teams support healthcare providers with:  

  • Thorough asbestos surveys and risk assessments  
  • Development of bespoke asbestos management plans  
  • Regular re-inspections to monitor known asbestos-containing materials (ACMs)  
  • Project management for safe asbestos removal  
  • Advanced air monitoring using both PCOM and SEM testing methods  

Our UKAS ISO 17025 accredited hazardous materials laboratory operates under the legal entity Lucion Services. Lucion Services is a UKAS accredited testing laboratory No. 2569 and inspection body No. 0263 in relation to asbestos.   

Environmental Health and Safety: A Comprehensive Approach  

Our healthcare clients benefit from our multidisciplinary approach, which extends to a wide range of environmental health and safety services:  

  • Legionella risk assessments and water hygiene management  
  • Indoor air quality assessments  
  • Radiation protection advisory services  
  • Electromagnetic field (EMF) assessments  
  • Contaminated land assessments for new developments  
  • Geotechnical services for construction and renovation projects  

Sustainability and ESG Performance: Guiding the Path to Net-Zero Healthcare  

The healthcare sector, including both public and private providers, faces increasing pressure to transform its environmental impact. Many of our clients are working towards ambitious carbon reduction goals, with some NHS trusts aiming to become carbon net-zero by 2040 for emissions under their direct control.  

We support healthcare institutions of all sizes in this transformative journey. Our comprehensive sustainability and ESG services include:  

  • In-depth ESG performance assessments to establish baselines and identify improvement areas  
  • Tailored sustainability strategy development aligned with organisational goals  
  • Detailed energy audits and carbon footprinting to pinpoint emission hotspots  
  • Net zero carbon planning and implementation roadmaps  
  • Environmental compliance guidance and reporting support to meet evolving regulations  

Our team works closely with healthcare providers to develop actionable strategies that not only improve ESG scores but also contribute meaningfully to the sector’s sustainability ambitions. We understand that each of our clients faces unique challenges, and our solutions are designed to balance environmental goals with the critical need for uninterrupted, high-quality patient care.  

Your Trusted Partner in Healthcare Excellence 

Our extensive experience across various healthcare environments has honed our understanding of the unique challenges posed by operational medical facilities. We recognise that for our clients, patient care and comfort are paramount. That’s why we’ve developed specialised approaches tailored to the healthcare sector:  

  • Minimally disruptive survey and testing procedures to avoid interfering with critical medical operations  
  • Flexible scheduling to accommodate the ever-changing priorities of patient care  
  • Strict adherence to infection control protocols, safeguarding the health of vulnerable patients and staff  
  • Discrete operations to maintain a calm and reassuring environment for patients and visitors  
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Technology-Led Environmental Services

By partnering with Lucion, healthcare institutions gain a trusted ally in their mission to provide safe, sustainable, and compliant environments for healing. Our comprehensive approach, sector-specific expertise, and innovative technology solutions empower our clients to focus on what matters most: delivering exceptional patient care.  

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Trusted Environmental Management

Whether you’re an NHS trust, a private hospital, a care home, or a local clinic, Lucion is committed to supporting your environmental and safety needs. Our data-driven approach, coupled with our deep understanding of the healthcare sector, enables us to help you make informed decisions, implement effective changes, and demonstrate tangible progress towards a more sustainable and safer future for your patients, staff, and the wider community. 

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Our team is a diverse, collaborative group of individuals who are passionate about making the world a safer place to live.

Assured Environmental Services for the Healthcare Sector

NHS Shared Business Services Framework

Lot 2.1 – Asbestos Management

Lucion Services

CHAS Certification

CHAS Certification

Lucion Services Limited: CHAS-0016114

Lucion Delta-Simons Ltd: CHAS – 197746

Lucion Surveys Ltd: CHAS-0001023

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Safe Contractor

Alcumus Safe Contractor accredited

Lucion Services Ltd – DE7280

Lucion Delta-Simons Ltd  – QD2883

Lucion Ground Engineering Ltd – IF0207

UKAS Accredited – Inspection

Our UKAS ISO 17025 accredited hazardous materials laboratory operates under the legal entity Lucion Services. Lucion Services is a UKAS-accredited inspection body No. 0263 in relation to asbestos.

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UKAS Accredited – Testing

Our UKAS ISO 17025 accredited hazardous materials laboratory operates under the legal entity Lucion Services. Lucion Services is a UKAS accredited testing laboratory No. 2569 in relation to asbestos.

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UKAS Accredited – Testing

Our geotechnical laboratory operates under the legal entity Lucion Ground Engineering. Lucion Ground Engineering is a UKAS-accredited testing laboratory No. 8180.  

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