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Quality Policy

Lucion Group and all associated Group Companies understand the need for operating our business, and providing the products and services we supply, within the built, natural and marine environments, to the highest Quality Standards.

Lucion Group operates within the Testing, Inspection, Certification and Compliance (TICC) sector providing a wide range of services including hazardous materials testing and inspection, topographical and measured building surveys, ground investigations, ecology and sustainability consultancy. We recognise that our activities relate to many varied and often challenging settings where these and other general hazards exist.

The core vision of the Lucion Group centres around the delivery of trusted services to Protect People and Planet. Lucion has an unwavering commitment to the Quality of Management incorporating our leadership, products and services. Promotion of this culture provides collective awareness of our responsibilities and results in behaviours, attitudes, and activities that deliver value, ensures the standard of work, and high levels of satisfaction for all Stakeholders.

The Chief Executive Officer leads this commitment by designing fundamental quality concepts and principles into all Lucion companies. The Chief Technical Officer is appointed as the member of the Board responsible for Quality. He governs and assures Quality through our board, senior management, operations, and departmental meetings to enable effective communication on the performance of our business activities, with timely decisions and actions to enable change and improvement.

The Executive Board set direction via a 5 year plan, which is supported by ‘SMART’ objectives, targets and KPIs in order to develop and continually improve our performance.

The following are our principal objectives:

  • To carry out activities to the highest quality standards. This is achieved through commitment to the ISO9001 standard, as part of the Lucion Group Management System (LGMS).  The LGMS has been devised to simplify the implementation of multiple system standards by their integration into a single management system manual and through identification of core requirements, thus preventing duplication.  Where applicable Lucion Group Companies procedures will be developed in accordance with the requirements of other standards, (such as ISO17020 and ISO17025), as outlined in the LGCs scope of services.
  • To provide clear instructions, information, training and supervision to ensure the Quality of all works carried out.
  • To develop and monitor objectives and targets to ensure that processes are delivering their intended outputs, client satisfaction is achieved, and opportunities for improvement are identified.
  • To ensure top management will meet regularly to monitor and review effectiveness of existing procedures and set new targets regarding the growth of the companies, the progression of best practice, impartiality, legislation and industry expectation to ensure continual improvement of each aspect of the LGMS.
  • Engage and consult with employees on day-to-day quality observations to improve systems and drive continual improvement.
  • Provide adequate resources, procedures, method statements, and systems of work to employees to enable them to carry out their work to the requisite standards.
  • To effectively manage subcontractors and suppliers.
  • To ensure that all activities are carried out in accordance with the relevant guidance, standards, legislation and regulation.
  • To recognise its responsibilities to ensure that all services provided by its companies shall be undertaken impartially without influence from commercial, financial or other pressures which may compromise impartiality.
  • To continually find efficiencies and optimise practice via timely reporting of quality incidents. Where trends are identified we investigate to identify the causes, take corrective actions and prevent recurrence.
  • To consider the needs and expectations of interested parties.

Quality procedures can be found in our Lucion Group Management System (LGMS) Manual. All Lucion operational procedures are developed in accordance with our LGMS Manual as an integrated system. This quality policy and the LGMS manual will be made available to all relevant interested parties, as appropriate.

This Statement applies to all Lucion Group Companies.

Phil Coles
Chief Executive Officer

18 April 2024

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