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Why are boundary surveys so important?

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1st June, 2024

Boundary survey Engineer

A boundary survey is important for avoiding potential boundary disputes, protecting your property rights, and identifying any environmental issues.

Here, we will explore how we carry out boundary surveys and why they are so important in property development projects.

What is a boundary survey?

A boundary survey determines the exact location of the property lines on a parcel of land. This ensures that you understand your property and get accurate valuations.

It is a detailed examination and measurement of a property’s boundaries. It determines the exact location of property lines, corners, easements, encroachments, or other relevant features.

They are required by various people, including property owners, real estate professionals, and developers.

The benefits of boundary surveys

Not only is a boundary survey important, but there are lots of benefits to carrying it out. From saving money to peace of mind, boundary surveys are a crucial part of any development project.

Avoid disputes and ensure peace of mind

Boundary surveys establish the legal property lines of your parcel of land, ensuring your construction stays within the boundaries and preventing the risk of costly encroachments or conflicts with neighbours.

Facilitate smooth property transactions

When buying or selling a property, the buyer must understand the exact property they are purchasing and avoid any potential surprises later down the line.

Clear boundaries can also speed up the approval process for property development projects, allowing for increased efficiency and saving time.

Compliance and regulations

It is also important to ensure you adhere to local zoning and building regulations when starting a development project. Boundary surveys may be required to ensure your project stays within the legal boundaries and avoids any complications with permits.

A boundary survey is also required for supporting land registry applications. It provides clear and verifiable proof of the property’s boundaries for official records and increases the value and marketability of your property by demonstrating clear ownership.

Identify environmental issues

Boundary surveys can identify wetlands and flood zones. Learning about these issues before purchasing or changing a property is important.

How Midland Survey conducts boundary surveys

At Midland Survey, our expert team uses the latest technology to produce reliable results and get the report to you as quickly as possible. Here is our process:

  • Site visit: The boundary surveyor will visit the property and conduct an inspection where they evaluate current boundaries that limit land. They will look at the property documentation, which may include historical maps and photographs, to spot any previous boundaries.
  • Latest technology: To then identify the land’s boundaries, surveyors use total stations and GPS kits.
  • Evidence: Next, photographs and videos are taken of the property to compare its condition against the information in the historic documents. If a legal boundary survey is being conducted, these may be used as evidence in court.
  • Drawings: If new boundaries are being applied, we can provide Land Registry-compliant drawings to assist with the application.
  • Mark boundaries: We can return to the site and mark proposed boundaries using timber pegs using the updated Land Registry documents.


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