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Volumetric Surveys and Stockpiles

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20th June, 2024

In this article, we’ll outline what volumetric surveys are, how they work and why they are so important.

In the Industrial sector, every ounce of material counts and plays a crucial role in efficiency and profitability. So, how can we measure the materials in a given area accurately?

Volumetric surveys are the answer. In this article, we’ll outline what they are, how they work and why they are so important.

Understanding volumetric surveys

Volumetric surveys use advanced technologies to precisely measure the volume of stockpiles.

By capturing detailed data points from various angles, these surveys create three-dimensional models that provide accurate insights into the quantity of materials stored.

How they work

Stockpiles are typically measured using Trimble GPS receivers, however, our Trimble TX8 scanner has been used to measure stockpiles that are hazardous to walk on.

We have tested aerial UAV drone technology and employ this approach either in place of or in addition to ground surveying methods. Our volumetric studies are therefore both time and cost-effective.

To compute earthworks volumes or to create precise stockpile quantities, data from the survey is entered into LSS modelling software. These calculations account for irregularities in terrain and provide a clear picture of the stockpile’s true volume, even accounting for variations in shape and density.


Precision in stockpile measurement isn’t just about convenience. It’s a requirement for efficient operations and informed decision-making.

Here’s why volumetric surveys are so crucial:

Inventory Management

Accurate volume measurements enable companies to maintain precise inventory records, preventing overstocking or understocking of materials. This optimises resource allocation and minimises wastage.

Project Planning

For construction projects, knowing the exact volume of materials available is needed for planning timelines and budgets accurately. Volumetric surveys provide the data required to make informed decisions regarding material procurement and usage.

Compliance and Reporting

Regulatory bodies often require detailed reports on material stockpiles, particularly in industries such as mining and environmental management. Volumetric surveys provide the reliable data necessary to ensure compliance with regulations and facilitate transparent reporting.

Risk Mitigation

In industries where inventory represents a significant financial investment, such as mining or manufacturing, inaccurate stockpile measurements can lead to substantial financial losses. Volumetric surveys mitigate this risk by providing precise data that enables proactive risk management strategies.

Resource Optimisation

By understanding the exact volume of materials on hand, companies can streamline operations and minimise unnecessary transportation costs. Additionally, insights gained from volumetric surveys can inform strategic decisions regarding site layout and storage management.

Volumetric surveys with Landform

At Landform, expect volumetric surveys that provide qualitative and quantitative data, all supplied in 3D format as well as photography and video if specified for the project.


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