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The Importance of Ground Penetrating Radars for Utilities Surveys

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10th May, 2024

At Landform, our utilities surveys are carried out using ground penetrating radars (GPRs) and radio detection. But, what are the benefits of doing so? In this article we’ll outline what ground penetrating radars are, and the benefits of using them.

GPRs- what are they?

A GPR is a type of technology used for collecting and surveying data about underground objects. It is the technology used to complete utilities surveys, and data is presented in CAD format.

Why use them?


One of the main reasons GPRs are used for utilities surveys is that they can give an accurate picture of what is in the ground in real-time.

This is because GPRs use radio waves, which can be shown on the computer screen instantly, by bouncing off the antenna and travelling through the GPR wire.

Furthermore, GPR technology can detect both metallic and non-metallic objects. This technology is useful for finding anomalies that other scan types can miss, such as voids under bridges- which can cause major structural harm if not detected early.

Cost and time savings

One of the most major advantages of using a GPR during utilities surveys is that it has the potential to significantly cut down on the amount of money and time that is spent on it.

The inability to identify the locations of buried services before the start of a development project may lead to higher costs and delays that are associated with the project, in addition to having significant consequences for health and safety.

In most cases, construction firms are held responsible for any harm that may be incurred as a result of their project.

No need to dig

Before ground penetrating radars, the methods to locate subsurface items and services were scarce.

Construction workers could manually follow schematics or utility maps, but they are less likely to be accurate due to old or incomplete data. There have been many instances of construction projects coming to a halt because unknown artefacts such as unmarked graves or archaeological artefacts have been found!

While this can certainly be interesting, knowing what is underground before construction projects start can allow for better planning without the need to go straight into digging, and experiencing unexpected delays.

Ground penetrating surveys from Landform

At Landform Surveys, we find underground utilities using ground penetrating radar and radio detection methods. After that, we precisely map our findings, and provide the CAD-formatted results.

If your next project requires an underground utilities survey, then be sure to get in touch with our experienced surveyors to find out how we can help.


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