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Surveys vs Setting Out: How They Differ

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7th June, 2024

Surveys and setting out work hand in hand for a successful project. We’ll shed light on the difference between surveys and setting out.

While land surveys and setting out are both services offered by Landform, there are different processes and reasons for carrying out each. In this article we’ll shed light on the difference between surveys and setting out, showing why one cannot replace the other.

The purpose of surveys:

There are many different types of surveys covering a range of different needs. Most surveys are the basis for measuring the natural and build environment, then mapping and modelling individual data points to create a bigger picture. Surveys provide crucial information to architects and engineers so they can take the best course of action when undertaking construction projects. Land surveys are essential because they can help to identify issues at a much earlier stage in a project. When issues are discovered midway through a development project, they can cause major delays and increased costs. Another important step to prevent issues with a project is by setting out the data collected during a land survey.

The purpose of setting out:

Setting out is the process of transferring the building design to the land itself and occurs after plans have been finalised following data from topographic surveys. Setting out engineers will accurately mark out positions on the ground extracted from drawings and plans. Setting out can be used for small and large-scale construction projects as well as excavations. We work closely with our clients and project managers to ensure that the points that need to be set out are included in the service. This can range from setting out key points only to a full point service. We can also provide an on-going service to monitor the points throughout the project to make sure that they stay accurate.

Why both surveys and setting out are essential:

Surveys and setting out work hand in hand for a successful project. Land surveys are essential for ensuring accuracy and success while planning a construction project, determining property boundaries, or evaluating topographical features. Setting out can often be overlooked and skipped, especially in smaller projects. However, failure to transfer plans correctly can result in costly mistakes, often delaying project completion and overstretching budgets.

Choosing Landform Surveys:

At Landform Surveys, our experienced surveyors carryout accurate and reliable surveys for various sized developments. We take pride in our commitment to delivering the highest standards to meet our clients’ project needs. Contact our team today to find out more about our range of services.


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