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Lucion Group Receives Prestigious Palatine Climate Leadership Award

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13th October, 2023

The Palatine OSCARs (Operating Sustainably, Consciously and Responsibly) Awards, a distinguished accolade that acknowledges companies for their exceptional commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, celebrates businesses within their extensive portfolio that go the extra mile in delivering sustainability outcomes. Recipients of the annual Palatine Awards exemplify a steadfast dedication to sustainability.

Palatine PE proudly recognised Lucion Group, one of its investment ventures, as the recipient of the Climate Leadership Award for the year 2023. Ross Boulton, Chief Technical Officer at Lucion Group, shared insights into this remarkable achievement.



Securing a Sustainable Future Through Innovative Initiatives

Elevating Transparency and ESG Responsibility

The demand for transparency regarding sustainable and socially responsible practices is steadily rising. ESG analysis and reporting play a pivotal role in providing valuable insights and fostering long-term value for stakeholders.

As a Group, we are resolutely committed to our mission of "Protecting People and Planet." This commitment extends to ensuring that all our subsidiary businesses align with chosen charitable and social initiatives that resonate with their respective focus areas. 


Empowering a Climate-Conscious Workforce

As a climate-conscious organisation, we emphasise the active engagement of our team in ESG and sustainability initiatives. Our passionate employees advocate for environmental consciousness. The recognition of the Climate Leadership Award underscores our company's dedication to steering our operations in an eco-friendly direction.

Lucion Group’s ESG Manager Emily Spencer commented on our award saying;

“Lucion Group's recognition with the Climate Leadership Award by Palatine PE is a testament to our commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance principles. 

We believe in 'Protecting People and Planet,' a mission that drives our dedication to our chosen charities, sustainability initiatives, and carbon footprint reduction. Our team actively engages in ESG and sustainability, making this award a reflection of our commitment to an eco-friendly future.”

- Emily Spencer, ESG Manager, Lucion Group.


Mitigating Environmental Impact Through Sustainable Measures

At Lucion Group we are acutely aware of our potential to negatively impact the natural environment. As a result, we are committed to reducing our impact by harness the expertise and support of Climate Impact Partners for global carbon offsetting projects to offset 150% of our residual carbon emissions. 

Additionally, Delta-Simons has a near-term 1.5oC carbon reduction target approved by the Science-Based Target initiative (SBTi) to reduce Scope 1 and Scope 2 carbon emissions in line with the Paris Agreement and are committed to reducing Scope 3 emissions from the supply chain.  The next step of our journey is to gain SBTi verification for Lucion Group, whilst progressing further emissions reductions.

These efforts are complemented by the implementation of various sustainability initiatives.


Pioneering Environmental Initiatives

Our Group commitment to reducing our environmental impact and promoting sustainability is evident through various initiatives:

  • Implementing Lightfoot technology to enhance fuel efficiency in the company's fleet.
  • Offering carbon offsetting options on fleet fuel purchased through Shell fuel cards.
  • Encouraging the use of public transport and sustainable vehicles.
  • Seeking to install renewable energy sources in company buildings where possible.
  • Sponsoring the Seawilding project, which focuses on the restoration of marine habitats and the funding of seagrass planting.

These initiatives underscore our company's commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues, transforming it into a business that generates positive outcomes while actively supporting local communities and engaging with our clients.


UN Global Compact Commitment

In November 2022, we pledged our support to the UN Global Compact, endorsing the set of ten universal principles for responsible business practices. This commitment includes an annual disclosure of ESG activities, which we are set to complete for the first time in 2023. 

Integrating acquired businesses into the Lucion Group culture and values while collecting data across the fleet and property portfolio is a challenge that we as a company have continued to address. This focus on data and information equips Lucion Group to make informed choices and develop action plans for carbon emissions reductions.


Making Strides Towards a Greener Future

As a Group, we are resolute in driving efficiency and curbing CO2 emissions. In December 2022, the company achieved "beyond carbon neutral" status offsetting 150% of the 2021 residual carbon emissions. The goal for 2023 is to offset an additional 50% of the output which we will be reporting on by the end of the year.

Palatine PE praised our achievements and emphasised the company's dedication to reducing climate impacts stating;


“When we invested in Lucion in 2019, they already had a strong ESG foundation with centralised management and governance systems. 

Lucion is a purpose-driven company that is not only taking action internally to minimise its climate impacts but it is also working with its clients to improve ESG outcomes. It has prioritised SDG 13 on climate action and with this is taking positive action in this area. 

Part of the business is certified as ‘beyond net-zero’ and has a verified Science Based Target in place, which commits to reducing emissions in line with the Paris Agreement. Lucion is working on broadening the scope of this to cover the extent of the group, which has grown through acquisition. 

The business also offers a range of carbon services including footprinting, offsetting, SBT and NetZero roadmaps, energy audits and advising on climate change adaptation, demonstrating that the purpose really is about ‘protecting people and planet’.” 

- Palatine Private Equity.


A Pledge to a Sustainable Future

Lucion Group is committed to leading by example and fostering a sustainable future. The company invests in initiatives aimed at reducing its environmental impact, forging meaningful partnerships, and empowering its workforce to become environmental stewards. 

By integrating ESG principles into its core operations, our Group works to make a positive difference among clients, employees, investors, regulators, and corporations in an ever-changing business landscape influenced by climate change.



About The Author

Lucion Group’s Chief Technical Officer Ross Boulton monitors strategic, operational, and regulatory risks to effectively manage and protect our Group businesses.  With over 18 years in the industry, Ross joined as a Regional Manager in 2008 and now has board accountability for our shared, central functions including, Information Technology, QHSE, Learning and Development,  HR and ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance)

Ross leads corporate governance and assurance of all regulatory and professional obligations, covering technical and social values, professional liabilities and employment practices. He is our Board level health, safety and wellbeing champion reporting on and monitoring high-level QHSE KPIs and highlighting issues for consideration. Within this, he oversees Lucion’s Take Care Be Aware (TCBA) forum which provides a platform for employees to give feedback directly to the Assurance Team and Board of Directors.

Ross also leads our acquisition integrations, successfully supporting our CEO in five acquisitions between 2020 and 2023. He reviews legal obligations associated with contracts and frameworks undertaken to ensure the effective delivery of services that help protect both our clients and Lucion.

E: [email protected]

T: +44 (0)345 5040 303


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