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Lucion Marine to Advise on IHMS at International Marine Forum

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6th February, 2018

Lucion Marine has been invited to participate in a forthcoming international marine sector conference on ship recycling.


Phil Rozier, Chief Commercial Officer of Lucion, will be speaking at the TradeWinds Ship Recycling Forum, Hamburg, 7-8 March as part of an expert panel discussion on the Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) required by all vessels.

The next 12 months will be critical in determining how shipowners recycle their ships and offshore vessels. With 30,000 ships requiring an IHM in the EU alone, this specialist session at the TradeWinds event will look at the IHM conundrum, explain the regulatory requirements facing compliant shipyards and consider future testing capacity against likely demand.

Lucion specialises in the provision of advice and guidance on the management of hazardous materials in the marine sector and for both working and end of life vessels.

With an increasing worldwide focus on environmental sustainability, Lucion advises global shipping operators and also provides consultancy for the European Commission to help foster a better understanding of the requirements of the EU Ship Recycling Regulations.

Phil said:

“Shipping operators face various requirements to comply with all manner of international regulations and statutory documentation – and knowing all the appropriate procedures relating to the running and decommissioning of a marine vessel is not an easy task.

“Compliance with the various regulations has become one of the most complex and growing requirements for vessel owners across the globe and I very much hope that the session at the conference will help to clarify things for all those involved in the industry.”

More details on the TradeWinds event are available here.


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