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How Often Should Monitoring Surveys be Carried Out

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25th March, 2024

Monitoring surveys are conducted to measure how far a building or structure has moved over time. Due to the various project types that may require this survey, there are different techniques, amounts of detail and types of equipment involved in carrying out monitoring surveys.

The monitoring survey process will always include multiple surveys occurring at different intervals. However, these intervals could be daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or yearly depending on the project.

Therefore, one such variable which differs from client to client is how often the surveys should be carried out.

Daily monitoring

Typically, a project will benefit from daily monitoring if there is imminent danger to the building, or the structure is visibly compromised.

For example, if a building or structure has noticeably large cracks in the walls or outside surfaces that are serious enough to cause considerable damage, daily monitoring surveys are recommended.

Similarly, if building works are taking place which will cause notable vibrations through neighbouring buildings, daily monitoring is important to ensure that vibrations are within acceptable limits, especially in sensitive buildings.

Weekly/ fortnightly monitoring

Similarly, certain projects can benefit from weekly or fortnightly monitoring surveys if there is some level of danger involved that is not immediate.

Excavation works are a great example of this, and our case study of Northumbrian Water in County Durham offers a more in-depth outline of the process.

In this example, we carried out weekly monitoring surveys of neighbouring properties to an excavation sight, to make sure the building works were not causing dangerous movement for the properties.

Our surveys were accurate to 0.1mm, which meant that even if the movement was very small it would still be reported on. However, we were happy to inform that there was no movement to report.

Monthly monitoring

Structures which receive a lot of footfall or traffic due to their nature, such as bridges, must be surveyed regularly to ensure that they are structurally safe and sound.

Over the years, Landform has built long-standing relationships with local councils in the North East, and we’re pleased to be their trusted surveyor in this area.

Our case study involving six bridges in the region involved a detailed laser monitoring survey which required laser scans to produce 3D drawings of the structures, showing all steelworks, abutments, supports, anchor points etc.

Yearly monitoring

Monitoring surveys that require yearly intervals are used as precautions and are aimed at checking movement over time as opposed to offering solutions for immediate risk.

Inclinometer surveys (which measure a building’s slopes or angles) may be recommended for properties in coastal areas, for example, to ensure coastal erosion will not affect the property.

Monitoring Surveys with Landform

While decisions can be made with anecdotal evidence, a professionally produced monitoring survey will give you accurate data to know for sure whether or not a structure is shifting.

This can give you the information you need to be proactive in planning maintenance and preservation work on your structure.

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