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Gareth Meadows Attains Chartered Environmentalist Status with the Arboricultural Association

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3rd July, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that Gareth Meadows, Associate Arboriculturist and Arboriculture Team Lead, has achieved Chartered Environmentalist status with the Arboricultural Association

This achievement highlights Gareth's expertise and dedication to the field of arboriculture and emphasises our commitment to providing exceptional services to our clients. 


What is the Arboriculture Association?

The Arboricultural Association is a leading professional body dedicated to promoting the science, practice, and benefits of arboriculture. Committed to advancing the knowledge and expertise within the industry, the association fosters collaboration, research, and continuous learning among arborists, tree care professionals, and environmental enthusiasts. The Arboriculture Association provides a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and staying up-to-date with the latest developments in arboriculture.


Understanding Chartered Environmentalist Status

Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) status is a prestigious title earned by professionals who have demonstrated their competence, experience, and commitment to environmental practices. Attaining CEnv status signifies Gareth Meadows' exemplary skills and knowledge in the field of arboriculture, as recognised by the Arboricultural Association. This achievement reflects his dedication to upholding the highest environmental standards and ethics in his work.


Why Should You Look For CEnv When Procuring Arboriculture Management Solutions

When procuring arboriculture management solutions for your ongoing site management, divestment or acquisition, CEnv indicates:

  1. Expertise and Quality Assurance: Gareth's Chartered Environmentalist status ensures that our clients receive services of the highest quality. With his extensive experience and technical proficiency, we can deliver accurate and reliable tree surveys, arboricultural impact assessments, and method statements. Clients can trust our expertise to guide them in making informed decisions regarding tree preservation, management, and sustainable development.
  2. Compliance and Regulation: Our association with a Chartered Environmentalist enhances our understanding of local regulations and standards related to tree preservation orders, felling licenses, and habitat assessments. By engaging with us, clients benefit from our comprehensive knowledge and ability to navigate complex compliance requirements effectively.
  3. Sustainable Development: The expertise and guidance provided by Gareth and our arboriculturist team enable us to facilitate sustainable development practices. Through our services such as aerial tree surveys, woodland surveys, and management plans, we assist clients in balancing their development goals with environmental conservation. Our focus on preserving tree habitats and addressing invasive weeds contributes to the long-term sustainability and ecological balance of the surrounding environment.


At Delta-Simons, we offer a comprehensive range of arboriculture management solutions to support your sustainable development projects. Our expert team, led by Gareth Meadows, is ready to assist you with the following:

  1. Tree Surveys
  2. Arboricultural Impact Assessments
  3. Arboricultural Method Statements
  4. Arboricultural Supervision & Site Monitoring
  5. Tree Preservation Orders
  6. Woodland Surveys & Management Plans
  7. Tree Felling Licence Application & Liaison
  8. Assessment of Tree Habitats
  9. Aerial Tree Surveys
  10. Invasive Weeds

Engage with us today to benefit from our expertise and achieve your development objectives while prioritising environmental sustainability.

Gareth Meadows' attainment of Chartered Environmentalist status with the Arboricultural Association underscores our commitment to providing top-notch arboriculture services to our clients. With his expertise and our comprehensive range of services, we can facilitate sustainable development while ensuring compliance with regulations and prioritising environmental conservation. 

Don't hesitate to reach out to us for all your arboricultural needs. Together, let's create a greener and more sustainable future.


Gareth Meadows

Associate Arboriculturist and Arboriculturist Team Lead

E: [email protected]

LI: Gareth Meadows 

Gareth Meadows, Associate Arboriculturist and Arboriculturist Team Lead to the Environmental Planning team.

Gareth has extensive technical expertise in the Arboriculture and Forestry discipline. He regularly conducts technical reviews of arboricultural assessments, BS 5837, AIA & AMS surveys, as well as internal and external Tree condition surveys (QTRA). As a highly experienced professional, Gareth has authored a Tree Management Strategy for the whole of Northern Ireland for the Highways division of the DfI. 

Having worked previously as an experienced Consultant and as a Training Instructor and Assessor for Arboriculture and Forestry, Gareth is well-positioned to add to our established reputation as a trusted provider of Arboriculture services.

To learn more about our range of Environmental Planning services, visit our Environmental Planning Overview webpage or please submit an enquiry to [email protected].


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