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ETS consultant joins the Early Careers Advisory Board, Environmental Analyst

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20th July, 2021

We are delighted to announce the appointment of James Bickle who joins and becomes a part of The Early Careers Advisory Board (ECAB) for the Sustainability Delivery Group, Environment Analyst. The Sustainability Delivery Group (SD Group) was established in 2020 with a remit to add value to the environmental consulting industry at a time of unprecedented interest in sustainability across the economy and society. Among the group’s objectives are to:

●            Inspire the next generation of sustainability leaders, and

●            Promote diversity and inclusion

This is a great career opportunity for James with the chance to get to interact with some senior and influential figures in the industry to help shape the future of the environmental consultancy industry.

James Bickle said “The purpose of the Early Careers Advisory Board is to allow early careers professionals to make a positive contribution towards the work already undertaken by the Sustainability Delivery Group, a collection of leading consultancy professionals from top environmental consultancies with the aim of harnessing the environmental and sustainability consultancy sector’s potential to deliver sustainability.

The initial objectives for the Early Careers Advisory Group are to inspire the next generation of sustainability leaders by engaging in outreach activities at schools, colleges and universities, and to develop initiatives to promote equality, diversity and inclusion in the environmental and sustainability consulting industry.

Sustainability is becoming increasingly integrated into environmental policy and everyday life. The environmental consultancy industry has an important responsibility to drive change and exert influence on the direction of organisations, both large and small, to take a more serious view of sustainability and achieve positive environmental outcomes. Delta-Simons’ position both on the Sustainability Delivery Group and Early Careers Advisory Board will enable us to be at the forefront of driving innovative solutions to mitigate the climate and biodiversity crises, transition to net zero, and promote sustainability both across the industry and beyond. I hope to get some of you involved!”

Alan Crossfield, ETS Divisional Director said “I am extremely proud to see James selected from amongst his peers across the Environmental Consultancy Industry to become part of this unique and prestigious board and I am sure he will be a huge asset to the programme.”

Alex Ferguson, Managing Director of Delta-Simons, and member of the SD Group said: “As an SD Group member I am delighted at the quality of the applicants to the ECAB, both from Delta-Simons and from other member businesses.  James has done extremely well to be invited to join the Board and I am sure he will make a fantastic contribution.  I am looking forward to working with James and his ECAB colleagues to push forward the sustainability agenda and to seek to attract the very best young talent into our exciting and progressive industry.”


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