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BIM Surveys: What Do They Involve?

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17th May, 2024

What exactly are BIM surveys, and what do they entail? In this article, we’ll outline what BIM surveys are, and what the survey process involves.

What are BIM surveys?

BIM surveys are assessments conducted at various stages of a construction project to gather, analyse, and manage spatial and non-spatial data.

These surveys use digital technologies to create detailed three-dimensional models that accurately represent the physical and functional characteristics of a building or infrastructure asset.

What are the objectives?

One of the primary objectives of BIM surveys is to capture accurate geometric and semantic data that can be used for design, construction, and facility management purposes.

Through our advanced surveying techniques such as laser scanning, our surveyors can capture highly detailed information about existing structures or construction sites with precision and efficiency.

The process

At the initial stages of a project, BIM surveys play a crucial role in collecting as-built data, which refers to the accurate representation of existing conditions.

This information serves as the foundation for design and planning activities, enabling the likes of architects and engineers to make informed decisions based on real-world data.

Throughout the design phase, BIM surveys facilitate the creation of 3D models that incorporate not only geometric data but also additional attributes such as material properties, spatial relationships, and performance parameters.

These models enable clients to visualise the project in its entirety, identify potential clashes or conflicts, and optimise design solutions before construction begins.

During the construction phase, BIM surveys support progress monitoring, quality assurance, and clash detection by comparing the actual construction against the planned design.

By integrating BIM surveys with construction management software, project teams can identify deviations from the original plans in real time, address issues promptly, and maintain project schedules and budgets.

BIM surveys with Landform

BIM surveys are essential processes that involve the collection, analysis, and management of spatial and non-spatial data throughout the lifecycle of a construction project.

By leveraging advanced surveying technologies and digital modelling techniques, BIM surveys enable our clients to make informed decisions, improve collaboration, and enhance the efficiency of construction processes.

If you’re in need of a BIM survey for your next project, we’re here to help. Whether it’s capturing existing conditions, optimising design solutions, or managing building assets, our BIM surveys aid in building smarter, safer, and more sustainable environments. Contact us today.


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