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A Breakdown of Building Elevation Survey Equipment

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1st April, 2024

Building elevation surveys are a form of monitoring surveys, used predominantly for the planning and development of structure and building work, as well as scheduling and planning for ongoing or future maintenance work.

These monitoring surveys provide accurate representations of structures, including all structural openings like windows, doors, lintels, and vents.

These surveys provide great peace of mind as the data collected can be used in decision-making, ultimately future-proofing buildings to save time and money down the line.

Hand level

Among the equipment used for monitoring surveys, specifically building elevation, hand levels are the simplest piece of equipment.

While they may not be the most precise, they still serve a purpose. They work by comparing multiple points against a reference point and measuring height-wise or horizontally.

They’re most useful when it comes to rough estimations or preliminary work.


Theodolites are used in surveying to measure both horizontal and vertical angles. They are not only used in measured building surveys but also a multitude of building and land survey types.

They measure angles using a movable telescope, optical plummets, a spirit, and graduated circles. The graduated circles include markings which indicate the movement of the survey point, when rotated.

Trimble TX8 Scanner

The Trimble TX8 3D scanner optimises speed and range for faster and more efficient scanning. With the TX8, you can get more data out of each setup in less time, and the great range of the scanner means you require fewer settings overall.

It is a digital scanner that can measure one million points per second and is less impacted by atmospheric conditions and variations in surface types, allowing the surveyor to capture complete datasets from each station.

Automatic level

An automatic level is designed to keep the line of sight in level while automatically compensating for any small movements in the instrument.

They are used to establish the height levels of given objects or marks, which is done through the use of an internal compensator mechanism.

Is your next project in need of a building elevation survey?

At Landform Surveys, we have carried out elevation surveys of a wide variety of structures throughout the UK, including bridges, historic buildings and churches, office blocks and hotels.

We work closely with our clients to determine their needs, and carry out our surveys accordingly, providing the level of detail preferred by the client.

If you have projects that require monitoring surveys contact us.


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