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When you join Lucion you join more than just another set of work colleagues. We are more a like-minded community with a shared vision. That vision is simple; to protect people and planet. We know that what we do really does have a direct impact and it really can make a difference. When you come to work with us you soon realise how important our role is in keeping people safe and the environment protected.

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Hazardous Materials

Looking to make a real impact in the sector? As the UK’s market-leading, accredited provider of hazardous materials testing and management, we operate globally in all industry sectors and we’re passionate about making the world a safer place to live.

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Radiation Protection

Embark upon a rewarding and varied career within our highly skilled radiation protection team where you’ll deliver services to clients globally, protecting people and the environment from harmful radiation exposure and ensuring regulatory compliance.

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Environmental Sustainability Consultancy

Grow your career in environmental consultancy where our mutli-disciplinary team provide trusted advice and solutions to support our clients with their sustainable developments. Our collaborative approach fosters innovation and creates opportunities for professional growth within the environmental sector.

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Ground Engineering

Join our team of engineers, geologists and scientists who have an in depth and broad experience in the provision of ground investigation and land contamination. Our team operate in a variety of sectors, giving you the opportunity to support on a wide range of development and transactional real estate projects.

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Surveying & Geospatial

We harness the power of technology to deliver a range of geospatial surveying services to our clients nationwide. Whether you’re an experienced surveyor or new to the field, we offer trainee and experienced positions, where continuous learning is integrated into your day-to-day role.

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Corporate Functions

Our corporate functions play a vital role at Lucion. From finance management to nurturing talent and driving growth, each function contributes uniquely to our success. Join our diverse and friendly teams, with opportunities throughout our network of UK offices.

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Graduate careers at Lucion

Are you a passionate graduate eager to make a real impact on the environment? We believe in nurturing talent, fostering innovation, and providing a platform for growth and success. At Lucion we offer you the opportunity to turn your academic achievements and enthusiasm into a rewarding career.

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We promote a culture of transparency and accountability, where everyone is encouraged to contribute ideas and solutions that benefit both the company and the environment.

Working primarily in the environmental and risk management sectors, we have responsibilities to the environment and the communities in which we work. As we innovate, develop and evolve our business to ensure resilience for the future, we seek to attract and retain the best talent through engagement and our conscious commitment to work sustainably. Our social value policy gives our teams the flexibility to support causes they are passionate about and contribute to meaningful projects. As well as giving you volunteering leave, we provide lots of opportunities to get involved with charity events and initiatives. By encouraging a culture of social responsibility and giving, we not only support important causes but also cultivate a sense of purpose and fulfilment among our staff. Together, we can create positive change and build a better world for future generations.

Company Benefits

Supportive Family Policies

We know balancing work and family responsibilities can be hard. We’re an inclusive employer, so whatever your parenting journey is, we will offer support when you need it.

Discounts & Wellbeing Platform

Our platform, Being Lucion gives you access to discounts and cashback from over 800 retailers, as well as wellbeing resources, our employee assistance programme and cycle to work scheme.

Charity Sports Events

Fancy getting involved in a charity bike ride or a half marathon? We’re always looking at ways we can offer our services or sponsorship to give something back to our people and local communities.

Environmental Initiatives

Each year we take part in World Environment Day initiatives to continue in our mission to protect people and planet, such as planting trees and seagrass as part of biodiversity regeneration projects.

Healthcare Cashback Scheme

Claim money back towards the cost of your essential healthcare including new glasses or contact lenses, dental treatment, physiotherapy and prescription costs.

Reward Bonuses

As a growing company, we are always looking to bring talented individuals into our community. If you recommend someone who joins us, you’ll be rewarded every time.

Work experience and placements

Please send up to 500 words to let us know what area of the business you’re interested in and why, along with ideal dates for this to take place and a member of our team will be in touch with you.

Our Values

About us

Lucion’s vision is to protect people and planet. To achieve our vision, we live by five key values, which are there to ensure everyone in our community enjoys playing their part.

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